Term Time Activities and Volunteer Work

June 2016 - DIY SOS Outside of building, garden/play area

Now the weather has improved and with most children loving being outside, the voluntary committee members with a little help from their families have been busy during the holiday and at weekends getting the outside of the building looking smart with new facia boards installed and currently in the process of being painted. Also the steps to the building, ramp, paved area in the garden have been jet washed and look brand new. The shed/toy storage painted blue and tyres spray painted ready to become planters for flowers to brighten up the front of the building. The garden is ready for its much needed make over using ideas from the 'You said, We did' project. Over the coming weeks children will be actively involved in putting their ideas in place. We are now ready for any outdoor toys, summer sports equipment, tubs, planters, plants, benches so if you are having a clear out at home over the next weeks any donations would be very much appreciated

AS SOS is a charity (non profit making organisation) we are always grateful for any donations to benefit the children, items like board games (with all the pieces) books, DVDs/ Wii games (U or PG rated) dressing up clothes, arts and craft materials, dolls, action figures, kitchen utensils.

May 2016

Children went on a walk with SOS staff around the school grounds and fields to look at the beautiful trees in their local community in full blossom. Staff and children talked about the changes to trees in different seasons. Everyone then got creative with paints, using different colours and textures to show what they had seen. The children had lots of fun dipping their fingers in the paints to create the delicate blossom leaves.

Throughout the month of May children have been designing their own ideas as part of a competition 'You said, We did' for the upcoming makeover of the SOS garden. There have been some very interesting ideas - trampoline, swing, roundabout slide, rainbows, flowers, tables and chairs, balloons, unicorn, bridge that rocks, dinosaur world, watering cans, bird houses, benches, monkey bars, gymnastics mats, sports equipment, bunting, football, recycle wellies for plants, sand and water play, tyres, fairy corner, wind chimes. We would love to be able to accommodate all these superb ideas; however, due to limited space we will narrow this list down and focus on the ones which are doable.

Meal of the Month

On Wednesday the 25th May, children and staff enjoyed the lovely food for 'Greek night'. Jacket potatoes, lamb mince in sauce, feta cheese, salad and pitas. This was a big thumbs up from the children with many having seconds. We are sure this meal will feature on the menu again very soon.

Easter Holiday Club 2016

The external trips to Prego (pizza making & chocolate fountain) and the Zone (play gym) once again proved to be a huge success and fun was had by children and staff.

Children got creative on the craft days building and painting bird boxes, decorating wooden spoons and old CD'S to either take home with them or to add the finishing touches to the SOS garden once it has had its makeover in the next few weeks.

April 2016

Children and staff came up with some new rules for the use of the IPads to make sure everyone who wants a turn on both the fun and educational learning games gets the chance to do so. Children sign up for a turn, when the timer sounds after 10 minutes it's the next persons turn. Children have been having a competition on piano tiles and the top score so far is 834.

Some of the older children helped the staff to create a 'Healthy Eating' display board. I am sure you will agree it looks fantastic. To go alongside the new healthy menu at SOS children are encouraged to drink free flowing water during the morning/afternoon and at snack time to weigh out their own portions of fruit using the scales provided. The older children are enjoying assisting the younger children in doing this.

The DfE recently reinforced the need “to create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation in all schools and clubs to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.” Staff and children have been discussing 'British Values' which was appropriately timed with the Queens 90th Birthday celebrations and 'Diversity is our strength'. Some lovely displays have been created to show how at SOS we aim to 'treat everyone equally' 'understand right from wrong'' try to help other people' 'know that we are all special' 'listen to and respect other people's opinions and values' 'understand the consequences of our actions' 'respect culture and beliefs of others'.

March 2016

The children attending SOS during term time eagerly awaited the arrival of the eggs (soon to become chicks) as part of the EYFS 'Life Cycles' topic. Every morning/evening children were keen to get parents to pop in to SOS to see what had happened over the night/during the day. Secretly parents/carers were just as excited as the children. We weren't kept waiting long as the first chicks pecked their way out of their eggs within a couple of days. The chicks liked to hide in their cage under the lamp for a few days but once settled in to their new home were happy to let the children handle them, children bonded so well with the chicks and each one was given a name. After a week the chicks got rather noisy and could be heard above the children playing at SOS, they grew quickly and after two weeks it was sadly time for them to leave SOS and go back to the farm. Children, staff and parents were sad to see them leave.

The home corner was set up as a Dentist for the EYFS children, however, all the children at SOS thoroughly enjoyed role playing in this area even those in KS2 who enjoyed dressing up and answering the phone on reception to book in patients. Children were super excited to be sent home with a dental kit kindly donated to by Hewett's Dentist in Brighouse. Children received a new toothbrush, toothpaste, leaflet, stickers and a red plaque tablet to chew. By the looks of the photographs which were emailed to SOS during the week it looked like children and their siblings had lots of fun in the bathroom cleaning their teeth. It was amusing the following morning to see some of the children arriving with red lips still but beautifully clean teeth! The children made a lovely display board at SOS about the importance of 'Dental Hygiene' and how to look after your teeth.

DIY SOS Volunteer Weekend: 19th-21st February 2016

On Friday evening as children left SOS a dedicated team of staff, parents, children and committee member volunteers began taking down displays, moving furniture, preparing walls and windows ahead of the big DIY SOS weekend.

It was an early start on Saturday and Sunday morning to ensure the whole building was ready for Monday morning. The building inside was given two coats of paint, window frames, doors, skirting boards and kitchen serving area glossed, new carpets laid, re wiring for additional plug sockets and external lighting over the main door, sorting through old and broken toys and replacing with new one kindly donated by parents and children who kept popping down to see how we were all getting along with the project.

One of the committee members kept us going with her lovely home cooking thanks Siobhan the lasagne, garlic bread and chocolate fudge cake was a real treat and thoroughly enjoyed by all!

The last carpet tile was laid around 6pm on Sunday evening and once the furniture was put back in position all the volunteers were extremely tired but overwhelmed by what had been achieved over the weekend. The children who came at the end of the day on Sunday to see the finished project were super keen to explore all the new exciting areas. The new dressing up rail, gaming area with the Wii and relaxing chairs in the reading corner were a big hit.

A huge thank you goes out to all who helped out over the weekend especially parents who got involved it was lovely to see you and get to know you. Please Please Please looks out for our upcoming DIY SOS project no.3 "The Garden and outside play area". We would very much love for you to join us all again.



Eating/Snack area Reading/Literacy Phonics area
Cosy chairs for reading corner Home/Role play/dress up area
New sofas, carpet, cushions in the chill out TV area

As SOS is a charity (non profit making organisation) we always appreciate anything in good working condition that can be donated to the setting for the benefit of the children, items like board games (with all the pieces) books, DVDs/ Wii games (U or PG rated) dressing up clothes, arts and craft materials, dolls, action figures, kitchen utensils.

Now the weather is getting better and the children love being outside in the fresh air and with our next big project being "DIY SOS 3 garden/play area" any outdoor toys, tubs, planters, plants and benches so if you are having a clear out at home over the next few weeks please think of SOS first anything you can donate would be very much appreciated.

February 2016 Half Term Holiday Club

Children enjoyed making and decorating heart shaped biscuits for Valentine's Day, a trip to the Zone play gym in Huddersfield and got messy in the shaving foam.

February 2016

Meal of the Month: Chinese New Year

On Monday 8th February the children enjoyed chicken noodles with prawn crackers and assorted dips for Chinese New Year. They had lots of fun making and decorating Chinese lanterns and monkey masks, to celebrate the Year of the "Monkey". On Shrove Tuesday the highlight of the afternoon was making pancakes and eating them with everyone's favourite toppings from lemon juice, golden syrup, banana, and blueberries.

Home Corner

Children have had lots of fun at the Health Centre by dressing up as Doctors, Nurses, checking in patients at the reception desk then giving a medical, taking patients temperature, blood pressure writing prescriptions, some even managed a visit to the Optician too. A few parents were given a check up when they came to pick up their children at the end of the day, thanks for being good sports.

New Healthy Eating Menus

Children have enjoyed being independent and creative making their own sandwiches, wraps and bagels with ham, cheese, tuna, cucumber, tomatoes, kiwi, banana and raisins.

Big Breakfast Week 24 - 30 January 2016

The Staff and children joined in with the Big Breakfast campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast

  • Breakfast benefits you and your family and can help make you healthier and happier.
  • Breakfast provides you with the energy and nutrients needed for an active lifestyle.
  • There are a wide variety of breakfast foods to choose from that can be enjoyed at home, at work or on-the-go. The children thoroughly enjoyed all the different breakfasts provided throughout the week especially making pancakes and adding their own toppings.

January 2016

In the month of January children have been reflecting on the effects which the Boxing Day flooding had in the local community. Some of the children at SOS talked of their personal experiences and some had even been volunteers helping local shops clean up and be able to re-open again.

Children enjoyed looking through the catalogues to select new toys to replace old ones with the money they raised from their Christmas hamper fundraiser. Some of the things they selected can be seen below.

November 2015

November has flown by and has been action packed with lots of fun activities taking place.

In the days leading up to "Bonfire Night", staff continued with the theme from school and re-told the story of Guy Fawkes. Even the youngest children enjoyed re-telling the story using their vivid imaginations of the gun powder plot and they understood new key vocabulary like "treason". Children made an eye catching display about keeping safe on bonfire night and thoroughly enjoyed getting creative and messy using the paints to make firework posters.

Children enjoyed listening to the story of Rama and Sita and why the festival of Divali is celebrated at this time of year by Sikhs. Children made some lovely brightly coloured paper diva lanterns to represent the symbolism of light.

Again continuing with the theme at school, children had the chance to reflect on November the 11th about why people wear the poppy. They younger children enjoyed making their own poppies, whilst the older children used skills of empathy to write creative acrostic poems for the words "Poppy" and "Remember". The children took pride in seeing their imaginative and creative work go on the display board.

Throughout the month of November children have been enjoying the new look "home corner" which staff and volunteer committee members designed as a Mexican restaurant using the new cooker, play food, tables and chairs which were kindly donated to SOS. The children have enjoyed using the phone to take bookings, making reservations on the lap top and giving out menus to customers as well as different chefs cooking up tasty food in the kitchen and the waiters and waitresses serving the food to the paying customers. Children have been very imaginative in their role play.

The staff served up a delicious treat on Thursday 19th November as part of the new "meal of the month" theme. jacket potatoes and chilli had been cooking throughout the day and smelt fantastic as the children arrived from school, children and staff will all agree this was delicious.

Due to the popularity of the fun and educational games on the Ipads and Wii, the gaming area has been redesigned. Children using the Ipads write their name on a laminated sheet using a whiteboard pen and patiently wait their turn. The older children are enjoying being positive role models and helping the younger children when it"s their turn. Children sit down in the gaming area and adhere to the rules displayed. They are allowed 10 minutes before a timer sounds. Children rub off their name and the next person has their turn, this ensures fairness and runs smoothly.

Children continued the theme from school during "Anti Bullying Week". Staff discussed issues of bullying with children in small groups using role play. The older children demonstrated literacy skills by making empathetical acrostic poems and the younger children created posters about who you can talk to if you are being bullied. Some of the children proudly took these to school as their submissions for the whole school anti-bullying week poster competition. An ongoing theme which has run throughout the October and November has been looking at how everybody is different but everyone matters equally.

October 2015

In the month of October children had fun exploring the topic "Seasons" looking at the changes which take place in the autumn months. Children and staff went for a walk around the school grounds to get imaginative ideas; they had lots of fun collecting different leaves. Children then made their own display showing how leaves change colour and discussed why they eventually fall off the trees.

Children have been very busy making lots of tasty treats to take home with them, buns, cakes and biscuits. They have demonstrated skills of weighing out ingredients, mixing, blending, rolling, sieving and of cause the children"s most favourite bit eating their tasty goodies.

Staff have been working with groups of children to think about "British Values", children have come up with some lovely ideas and created an eye catching display. This will be re-visited and added to throughout the year.